Not your average playlist question


I want to create a DVD data or music disc with many raw Mp3 files to be played in my car Alpine DVA-9860 DVD player. Also I would like to create multiple playlist type files that reference said music files. Many Mp3’s will be listed within multiple “playlists”. It would be a waste of space to organize each playlist in it’s own folder when duplicate Mp3’s would exist. I know how to create a Mp3 data disc with multiple folders. Adding a .mu3(?) playlist file would be no sweat either. Is there any other way to include a playlist file that could be used by a car DVD player? If so, is there a special program that need to be used? Thanks for all the help.

Well I doubt you’re Alpine whould read a playlist file. Just use nero or somthing to arrange the songs the way you want them to play.

Exactly that is so.

I was messing around with Power ISO the other day. I wanted to create a full disc image that contained just a handfull of small files. I copied and pasted the same files over and over in various foders. I did this until I had 4GB. When I used Power ISO to compile the files into an ISO image, the result was a very small ISO file (~40MB).

Finleyville, perhaps you could do something like this since Power ISO did not physically make multiple copies of the same file.