Not writing at 52x



i have rge 48248s or something. i updated it with the 52346s firmware. here is the problem. it says it succesfully updated to 52x and also says it in my hardware info as well .but… i cant burn at 52x, still only at 48. am i missing something here?


It kind of sounds like you don’t know what you’re talking about. A 52346s? You surely didn’t flash with that firmware since it is not available…


oh … my bad. its the 52246S


am i missing something here?

Maybe you’re missing some 52x capable media?


nope. got those

well i use the latest fireware from the liteon site. is there a cd tester where i can test the speed on this thing. or some info on it. thanks again.


Yeah: Nero InfoTool and CDSpeed 2000 from here:




aight i ran the test with that test.

i use a blank 52x generic media to test.
average was 22x start, 33x average and 44x end.

how come its not writing near 52 but it says 52 in my hardware info? and which flash you guys use to flash the 48258s drives?


What does SmartBurn Media checker or MInfo say about your “52x” CDR’s?


Drive Type = CD-RW
Disc Type = CDR (A-)
Lead In = 97:26:54
Lead Out = 79:59:74
Nominal = 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f/LBA:359849)
Manufacturer = Lead Data Inc.
Cur. Speed = Wrt(48X),Rd(12X)

so these cds are not 52x? these are 52x GQ blanks by the way.


Manufacturer = Lead Data Inc.

If you turn off SmartBurn in Nero, it’ll give you the 52x option, but this media is not good at any speed. Your drive is fine.


BTW, isn’t Lead Data junk media?


so Lead Data is the real manfacturer?

i got a pack of 50 for 7 bucks. and not so bad for storing data. but with music… pure crap.


For high quality media, have a look at Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs


48248s? 48258s?

Was your drive originally a 48246S? I don’t remember a drive of either of those models. :confused:

By the way, TY media is very good, as Chriso said.


whats so good (benifits) bout these high quality cdrs compare to cheap ones? i get perfect copies everytime or data storage with these cheap cds. was planning to get some Taiyo cd anyways. just wanna know what i get more out of these.


In the first place, TY (Fuji) media can be had for the same price as your “cheap” stuff on sale at BestBuy, Office Max, etc.
What’s so good about it is it’s stability, consistancy and low error rates. No media is perfect, and you need to test everything and adjust your burn speed accordingly.


Hi everyone,
This is my first post at these forums, so please do not mind my possible newbie questions.

I recently flashed my LTR-48246S to LTR-52246S and everything went fine. Device manager shows my new CD-Writer as LTR-52246S. However, I haven’t been able to burn at 52x, 48x is the fastest option that could be selected in Nero. Nero CD Speed(this name might not be exact) gave me x48.44 as fastest speed. I am not exactly sure that my Cicero media supports x52, it says x40 on the box. I’m able to burn at x48 without any problems though.
It was said here that it might be the CD-R’s causing the problem, but I just want to make sure.
Also, could anyone tell me how to disable Smartburn in Nero…?

Thank you in advance.


Before you rush off to disable SmartBurn, (Nero - choose recorder - options), test your 48x burns with Kprobe or CDDr to see if the media is really up to it. SmartBurn media checker tells you how fast the media can burn with SmartBurn on.
Suggest you start with the media FAQ.


so where can i get TY for that of a price?