Not working for older dvd's

Been running 1click with dvd43 with no problems till I hit older movies. Had problems with the starwars trilogy. Movies 4-6 copied, but when placed in player or cpu, wasn’t recongizable. Dvd player showed NG DISC. But have had no problems with newer movies. Any idea’s on the older ones?

I would say simply that your problem is DVD43 .
DVD43 is known for problems for some users ,
and on some titles .
The best advice I could give you is to get rid of DVD43
and try AnyDVD
AnyDVD has a free 21 day free unlimited trial .
I wouldn’t use anything else

Before trying AnyDVD
Completely REMOVE DVD43
Search/Delete all remaining instances
if you have a registry cleaner , now’s a good time

TRY :bow: AnyDVD

:iagree: you be doing yourself a big favor ! :iagree:

I second Shannon…
Ditch that piece of crap called DVD43… and try AnyDVD

I tried Anydvd with no success, still get the same message. On the player says ng disc, in the computer it won’t play either. I notice when I explore the copy, the vob files are there but not the audio. On 1click, I have no options highlighted, just trying to copy the movie itself. Any other ideas? It’s just with older movies I have the problem, maybe new program?

If your trying AnyDVD, you must make sure to COMPLETLY remove DVD43 - go as far as to do a search for anything DVD43… and delete.

I have backed up movies older than the Star Wars Episodes with no problem.

Post your log so we can see whats going on

Edit: Also, have you changed the type of media you are using? Have you done any new installs to your computer? Using latest firmware etc etc

No new firmware, did a search already and deleted the traces before burn. Verbatim Digital Movie DVD+R is the media I’m using and have been.

O, also, how do I post log:( Newb

Open 1Click and hit “F7” copy/paste.

I would also get a DVD-rw and use it until you get it right, just so you won’t be making coasters and wasting money.

Things that come to mind,
AnyDVD just released it latest version. Get the upgrade.

are you waiting long enough for AnyDVD to regonize the disk before starting 1Click?

have you tried copying the movie with everything except Dual Layer and DTS checked?