Not Working After Upgrading Firmware

Please help ME!!!
I update the firmware of my LG GCC-4521B combo drive.after the update,my combo drive didn’t power “on” at me how to fix it!thanks!!!

Provide more info.

Did the flasher say that it failed or did it just ask you to reboot?
You should try reflashing the firmware again.

i update the firmware of my LG combo drive…while flashing,my comp seems to hang,i cancel/abort the updating.after the reboot my drive doesnt working at all.seems to be dead,can’t open the door,cant detect as in looks like totally dead.but before that,it was running smoothly.i just want to update my firmware,hope u can help me 'bout diz.

Can the drive be seen in the motherboards bios settings?
If not a new drive is required, if yes then make up a dos flash disc and try to flash from DOS. On no account must you abort or power down during the process as this can kill the drive. You may just be lucky enough to recover it.