Not Video editing but Custom menus?

1.) Is there a program out there that convert virtually any movie file into a NTSC VOB files (like Canopus ProCoder 2) but also has a section that you can create a home menu… for example I have season 1 of the X-Files all in 350MB AVI’s and I would like to put them all on one DVD so it can play in my home players but after each ep is played it goes back to a menu to choose what ep. you wanna watch next with custom text that I create…?

Sorry for the 2x post,

In short I mean I wanna be able to convert/burn 20-25 AVI’s to VOB and setup a main menu to choose what ep. I want to play if that can be done… dosnt sound like it can but I hope someone is out there

I would use TMPGEnc to convert the AVI’s to MPEG2, then DVDLab for the DVD authoring, it’s relatively easy to use, allows you to create custom menus, as well as design your own connections to when & how videos or menus are played (unfortunately it doesn’t have a encoder built in)

Hope this helps

TY for the info the encoder will be no problem im getting used to procoder 2