Not using the full disc!

I’ve been using dvdshrink for awhile now and have just noticed that the burnt disc has only about 1MB used. Nero is set to automatic when burning. Is nero set right or should I set it to standard play?


“the burnt disc has only about 1MB used.”

And is the entire video present when you play the disc?

If this is the case, it has nothing to do with Nero, the size of the file depends on Shrink only.

Maybe you left the compression settings on “manual” instead of “auto”…?..

Now if a part of your video is missing on the disc, maybe it’s a burning problem.

Please tell us if the entire video is playable on the disc.

Hmm… Shrink couldn’t possibly compress a DVD down to that kind of size supposing you did set it to manual.

I have verified that all the disc is been used!

Thanks anyway!

Tell us exactly what you do when you are backing up your discs: step by step with the options you select both in DVD Shrink and Nero.
For instance, if you burn at the default fastest speed using Nero, the burn can fail because your system cannot process the data fast enough to supply the DVD burner while writing. It could also be your burner doesn’t use the correct writing strategy for your choice of DVD media (due to outdated firmware - fixed by downloading the latest version from your DVD burner website) It could also be you are copying structure protected discs that DVD Shrink can’t handle (in this case you can use AnyDVD or similar to decrypt the disc so that Shrink will see the disc as unencrypted) Are you getting any errors while Nero is performing the burn?