Not transferring whole file

I am using MyDVD to make DVDs from my Sony camcorder. The camcorder records on mini-DVDs and uses the software that Sony provides to transfer to my laptop. Once there, I have had trouble transferring some of the files over to MyDVD, because it won’t transfer the whole file of only a few of the longer videos, though the whole file is in the Sony software. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Whats your file sytem? If it is NTFS it shouldn’t give you any problem about file size.

Do you have enough disk space for the files? It will require twice the files size.

Are you telling it to capture the full file, or is there any menu item where there is a size limit for capture from the camera?

Besides I don’t know any of your applications, I would start looking from this last possibility.

Thanks for your reply.

The file system is NTFS. I checked to make sure.

The disk is empty, and I am transferring the file from a mini-DVD so it should have plenty of room.

I can’t find anyplace to change a setting for capturing the full file. I wonder if this may be it, since it exists in the Sony program but not in the MyDVD program.

Any further insight would be appreciated.