Not too pleased with my 2500a

after doing some research i thought i would get the results with a 2500a using ricoh dvd+r media. i had been using a liteon for many months with ok results but i wanted to eliminate bad burns so i purchased this one. first i burned a cmc+r at 4x and it was ok. then i upgraded the firmware with one that supported bit setting and speed hacking. i burned a ricoh at 8x and at the end of it, there was a little gap that doesnt even look like it got burned. then i tried another ricoh at 4x and after 75% kprobe can only read it at .1x. look at my scans, the first is the cmc burned at 4x and the 2nd is the ricoh at 4x (or at least the first 75% of it), these burns really arent a whole lot better than what i was getting with my liteon so whats my problem? do the burns have anything to do with how the movie files have been encoded to the computer or what??


You scanned at maximum speed. Set it to 4X like everyone hereand see if you get better results.

Also check DMA settings and cabling for both burners.

Here are some of my scans of R01 at 8X (Fuji) and 4X (Traxdata) with herrie 107V2B5.

my next two burns at 4x with cmc’s look pretty good! i scanned them at 4x but the first one went around 5.8 x and at the end moved past 7x. so does the program used for encoding have any effect over the quality of the burn?

Could be a bad batch of RICOH.
I have a spindle of RICOH that produces very large PI error rates near the end of the discs when burning at 8X.
I only burn this batch at 6X due to this.

The 2500A usually does very well with all CMC media. :smiley:


ok ill try another one at 8x and post some scans.

i burned this 2.4x cmc at 8x and the reult is unbelievable, (for me at least)
these 2.4x cmc’s burn better than the 4x ones at 8x. by accident i went to the store and bought 3 packs of 4x and one pack of 2.4x because the boxes look almost exactly the same. i was about to exchange them but now i wish i got all 2.4x discs!