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Newbie to the forum but not newbie to burning DVD’s. Have used Clone DVD and AnyDVD for years however, they wre shut down and didn’t honor those who paid a lifetime membership. No way was I spending over a $100 again for a lifetime. Thought I would try something else so I see this WinX DVD Ripper and WinX Copy Pro so I tried it today. Sad part is I also tried DVD fab’s free trial and it worked good but I wasn’t impressed with the clarity of the movies and wasn;t impressed by the DVDfab logo that popped up in the movie several times so I didn’t buy that–I guess I should have by what others are saying on these forums.

So now I spent %70 bucks (no biggy) on the two WinX programs and cannot for the life out of me figure out what to choose in their selections to encrypt and then burn to a DVD when I only have 1 dvd burner.

Anydvd was great just running in the background and Clone DVD was so simple. Sucks they went under and a new person or company started them back up and didn’t honor old lifetime memberships.


Clone DVD should still be working for you. That is an Elby product, not Slysoft, or the new Redfox, and though it lacks decryption, should still work just as well as it ever did.

Decryption is the bigger hurdle, but if you are only working with DVD’s many of the old programs work for the vast majority of movies. None of them are programs that run in the background like AnyDVD.

If you want a free, modern decryption program the choices are limited. MakeMKV will decrypt and rip movies to the hard drive, but only in MKV format. Those can be put into DVD-video format very easily, but it is another step to take and you will lose the menus and extras.

Another option is DVDFab Passkey Lite. I hate recommending the free programs from DVDFab since I’ve had issues with them in the past, but this is the only free background decrypter that I know of that might work for you. You can find it here:


By the way, if you’d like to talk to the makers of the WinX program, you should start a new thread in their subforum here:


and cannot for the life out of me figure out what to choose in their selections to encrypt and then burn to a DVD when I only have 1 dvd burner.

They can only decrypt,and all decryption settings are selected by default.
You can point both programs to a folder where they have to store their output,from there you can load the output files in your burning program…no 2nd writer needed…
I suggest you to read the help files thoroughly,because you can’t get much easier (besides CloneDvd) programs than these for dvd ripping or copying…


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