Not the same post as earlier...honest

my earlier post of read errors with anydvd after a burn or after a copied dvd is inserted into drive…

to what extent would inferior media play on this?? ive been reading other posts where a lot of the problems can be directed to the media used.

the most recent media i bought (not my usual) was ritek (i think).

if you have a look at my earlier post and then this one, anyone offer any insight??

cheers my dears


Media makes all the difference in the world in the success and quality of your backups - and the current Ritek product is questionable at best - and has been for some time - suggest that you use either Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media-eh!

thanks for this bigmike.

i tried some tdk and memorex disc already burned, they are picked up and play fine with anydvd and powerdvd (not got any blank ones to try burning etc)

just one point…these inferior quality disc, i use them on my laptop, anydvd picks up burned discs and they play fine with powerdvd.

also, on my old pc (where the nec dvdrw came from) i had no problems with burning or reading. any ideas as to why mate??? anything to do with upgrading to a newer higher spec pc???