Not that old question again!

Not that old question again !


I know this has been asked a million times before, but I’m in a hurry and I would value opinions.

I want to be able to backup files onto BD-R DL.

I have been doing this fairly successfully with Nero 9, and it’s easy to do and my failure rate is about 15%. The problem is that Nero is too big for me.

I’m looking for recommendations for good software. The main purpose is the backing up of files. Other uses a bonus.

I have to use Verbatim BD-R DL disks.

What would you recommend. I would really appreciate feedback from users who regularly use a product, and not just word of mouth.

Thanks guys.


If you mean just a burning app then,, is worth considering. Just my two cents.

Here’s a link to a BR guide by the author:

ImgBurn is very well respected around here. There is a subforum for the program here at MyCE and the author looks in there quite often if you have a specific question about the program and its functions.

It is the only burning program I use for Blu ray.