Not sure where to put this: Videos held captive on External Hardrive



So, I did a stupid thing. I have 2TB WD Element hardrive. It’s a North American model and I had it plugged in with a converter (I’m now in Europe). It was plugged in to a power bar with other things plugged in (yes dumb) and I seemed to have overloaded the power bar and blew a fuse in the house. :o

Anyway, once restoring power to the room, I noticed my external isn’t working anymore. I thought it was just the connection port, since the external receives power, but doesn’t seem to be read by the computer when you plug it in. So I ordered a new case and transferred it over to the new case (which is now a German case, so set up with German plug and voltage capabilities). But, it’s still not working.

Took another look and it seems like one of the chips got damaged (has what appears to be a bubble on it). I’m not sure if this is the only damage, how bad it is, and if a new chip would even work. So, I guess my question is…is it worth buying the chip and seeing if it actually works (salvaging hundreds of movies and music) or do I decide to throw in the towel and instead of wasting the money on something that might not (probably won’t) work…just put it towards a new external and suck it up and start my collection all over again?



You haven’t said where the chip is, but if it’s on the hdd itself then it’s likely a goner.

Is your WD one of those that automatically encrypts content? I heard the hdds in these cannot be “transferred to a new case”? Maybe that’s just the Passport…

In any case it does not look good.