Not sure where to post this help 360 backup

hi there everyone just wonderd if anyone could help me i have young children oldest being 8 and youngest being 2 now the boy whos 8 play is xbox the girl who 2 loves to get involved with the discs and recs them so i read on net to back up my originals.

now for this as i dnt have the usb pro gadgets and im on a laptop i found a way that appaently is as easy as click click click if your on a pc.

This method i viewed was called wxripper and requires hotswap wich could not be dne using my laptop drive so i purchased an external lite on drive with a open lid and a spring button that boots disc when lid goes down.

I can trap the button down do a hot swap gives me an iso file over 7gb i then run this threw abgx to stealth patch.

This comes up pass pass stealth check succesful everything as it should which then gives me a .dvd file sized at 52 bytes.
It then says use imgburn the.dvd file saves to my desktop along with iso but the.dvd file opens in img burn to burn to a dvd+r dl set up booktype on my lite-on to dvd+r dl burn it to disc 100 percent succesful yet put it into my flashed xbox and it dont work.

so basically ive followed instruction’s got my iso from wxripper run it threw abgx succesfully to get my imgburn .dvd file burned the .dvd file with img burn 100 percent successful so everything seems to me all good to me until it comes to playing it.
what am i doing wrong or am i doing everything write just p***ing in the wind so far i spent 40 boys on a rom and a tenner on discs and thinking mite aswell just buy the original again but on the other hand if it worked i would of been laughing.
didnt work blown 50 quid and now the good old blood pressure is off the rictor scale can someone please help.
or at least advise me where im going wrong ive spent 7 daays now till 4 in morning and times took its tole and im now p***d
ive read that many peoples things looked at all the tutorials and as far as i can see ive done it the img is on disc and no errors all the way threw the process apart from playing it

The post you made in the Games Console forum should work to get you some answers.

We don’t allow the same question in two different forums. It causes confusion on where to answer you, so I’m going to close this one.