Not sure where to find these answers

I have a 411s@811s running HS0Q fw. After scanning these forums for a while (and posting a couple of times), I have a few questions:

  1. my burner is in 2nd position on 2nd IDE (behind dvd-rom). both set to cable select. Is this going to cause me problems? What is the benefit of master-slave (with burner in 1st position)?
  2. I see lots of references to forceaspi and killaspi. I am running Windows XP Home. Is there any reason to use the aspi layer vs. spti (I think that’s the alternative)?
  3. I also read I should uninstall Intel App. Accelerator, but saw no reason give as to why. Can someone enlighten me?
  4. Is it worth going back to HS0K or HS0P as I have read in some posts? I get worried everytime I flash the FW for some reason…

I am trying my best to get good burns with my burner, but as seems to be typical with _11s drives, I get great results in the beginning of the burn and the last 1/8th seems to spike higher with PI/PIF errors (no matter what disc type, +r, -r, +rw, may different brands - CMC, MCC, RICOH, no name). The +R (bitset to -ROM) are at least playable in a set top dvd player. The rest are coasters…

Thanks in advance

  1. As long as you don’t use both devices simultanously you won’t notice any difference.
  2. Some programs rely on ASPI. Version 4.60 is the most stable.
  3. Don’t know.
  4. Some have better results when using HS0P, others when using HS0K, others…