Not sure what's wrong



Have always loved DVDFab platinum but have had a small problem over the last year that just got worse. For the last year or so when I start the copy process I would get the no media in drive message. After a while I found that I had to wait for the c drive window to open and then close it before the copying process would start. This was a little annoying but I could live with it since the process would work fine and the copies worked great also. I down loaded the latest update and now the copy process won’t start and I just keep getting the no media in drive message. I use Verbatim discs, both single and dual layer. I have a Plextor PX-760A burner with latest driver update.Thought burner may be bad but it will play copies so it is recognized. Help.Aloha wildog


Sounds as though the reading laser in your burner is dying/dead. Do you have similar problems with blank disc recognition using other burning programs?


Ran a diagnostic on the drive, then changed drives to master and slave and it still didn’t work. It’s toast so it’s time to buy a new one. Plextor told me it should last for years, right. A friend told me a while back that it would only last for a year and a half, he was close. Reinstalled old single layer drive for now. Thanks. Aloha,Wildog