Not sure what to do

Well I was using memorex dvd+r’s for ps2 backups, burned at 4x and they play choppy so i was just going to try verbatims but i used verbatim cd-r’s for ps1 backups and they don’t load in my ps2. so if i bought verbatim dvd+r’s and tried them for ps2 backups, would they also not load?? or what else can i try for cd-r backups that might work??

Memorex can be everything, from A-grade to Z-grade :frowning:
Verbatim is usually A-grade media.

If you have 4x rated media, you can burn it at 4x. But usually burning media at its rated speed is better (4x at 4x, 8x at 8x, but 16x may be better at 12x). (yes, for backups too!)

The PS2’s can be fussy with media especial if its a old model. My first PS2 would not read Verb CD-rs, the one i have now has read everything i have put in it. Also try some -R dvd’s see if they work.

For me the PS2 i have now TY CD-rs and TY X8 DVD-r’s work just fine.

so you’re saying i should go ahead with the verb dvd’s even though the cd’s don’t work?

Well thats not really what im saying, but i do remember my first ps2 playing a backup of a dvd game on a verb, -R though, but never would it read verb CD-rs. All i can say its it may come down to trial and error. I know for certain that X8 TY dvd-rs have worked on 3 PS2’s that i have tested in, the verbs may work for you they may not, although i cant say wether +R will work as the only +R discs i have used are DL’s. For PS2 i have always used -R.

You need to find out what version of PS2 you have.

Some of the older models just don’t read the +Rs.

However, I haven’t had any problems with CD-R media on a PS2.

Jedi, what kind of problems did you have with Verbatim CD-Rs? My PS2 has read every type of CD-R I’ve thrown at it. And I have one of the older models.

The first PS2 i had just would not read verb cd-rs, in facted the only cd-rs it would read was discplanet branded cd-rs with a ritek mid. The ps2 i have now reads verb and ty cd-rs fine though.

That’s strange. :confused:

The older PS2s shouldn’t really have a problem in reading CD-Rs by any brand.