Not sure what this means...Nero Disc Quality



I decided to run a couple of scans of some ritek discs i burnt a few months ago after reading some threads about quality degrading. The problem is that I’m not sure what these scans are supposed to look at. Anyone care to comment?


Clicky here


Well, looks like I’ll have to reburn some dvds then :frowning: Thanks for the link. good thin I only bought a 50 pack


no worries m8, by the what drive are you using? at a guess is it a dvd-rom?


to do the test? yeah, it’s a lite-on dvdrom (SOHD-167T). i tend to limit the burner (plextor 716a) to just burning discs.


in that case the results mean nothing as DVD-ROM drives simply arent capable of scanning discs reliably, i suggest you check out the plextor forum on how to scan using your plextor.


really? hmm. i’ll look into that and see what kind of results I get before I go getting rid of the discs. thanks!