Not sure it fits here - Drive C:\ shows false free space



I’m sorry if it doesn’t fit here…

Well, I was downloading some file, and while I was downloading, it said I’ve got a very low amount of free disk space, which was then about ~50MB, and going down (drive C: ). I tried deleting some files (in total about 400MB), but it showed the same amount of free space, and kept going down. Ultimately, my download stopped because of this, and the free space is gone… I don’t have System Restore enabled, it’s disabled, on all drives (C: & D: ), and I don’t think I have some kind of an automated backup program. Plus, my two drives are formatted in NTFS, not FAT… if that helps. I haven’t tried to reset yet, but besides reset, is there anything else I should try?


Edit: Reset doesn’t help…


Where’s the edit button? Couldn’t find it. Anyway, just wanted to say that the problem has been solved by rebooting a few times… Now I see 630MBs of free space.

Thanks anyway.

Edit: Huh? I can only edit my replies, not my own topics? Well, ok… That’s not my forum.


Files don go away until you empty the recycle bin or reboot.