Not sure if this is the right place

i need to get a scart cable. anyway i was told that gold contacts and oxygen free copper was the way to go. so off i went to the shop and woah $hit…prices seemed to have hiked up!!! is it normal to pay like £30 for 1 metre of this calbe? it was b=monster brand btw is this good? wat is good and wat kinda price should i be paying? is brand gonna make any diff or are all cable just repackaged?

Wrong forum :bigsmile:

But thats cheap for a top end scart lead.

I paid £45, 3 years ago for my IXOS scart lead

could you give futher info…?


yeah cheap and good,go for it

My cables are more expensive together then some peoples hometheater set…


audio/video can be an expensive hobby

yah i dun mind if i am paying for the quality…i just dun wan to be robbed blind cuz i am not familiar enough with it. also i dun see the point of paying more if i can pay less for the same quality.

wat are the specs to look out for in scart? wat brands to go or avoid and wat kinda price?