Not sure if this is the right place to talk about web, but u guys are my friends

I am mostly a videographer who creates music videos for broadcast, but i am always here cause i need to also put the videos on DVD, and i use nero suite to do that - very nice - but now i have requests to post the videos on websites - argh - where to start? i am concerned about quality loss although i have seen some videos streamed/downloaded that look ok. my toolkit in this regard is PremierPro, Canopus 1.5, Nero Suite, and well, software’s not a problem, if i need something mainstream i can get, but i want fast high quality results with a minimum of effort. Ha! thanks all,

Get dr divx changes or recodes any movie to mpeg 4 almost no lost of quality but cuts size into thirds. Great program, onsale now 30 bucks or six month free trial full version.