Not sure if this is a newbie question. Doesn't make sense to me though

I’ve been using Clone DVD. One thing I do not understand is that from time to time I will copy a DVD that is about an hour and 45 minutes long. With nothing other than the movie on there the quality bar will drop to like 85%. And that is the best I can manage to get it to. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. Then sometimes I will do a movie that is over 2 hours long. I did Lethal Weapon 4 the other day. It is 127 minutes long and has like 2 little extra parts on the DVD. When wanting to copy all of this the quality was at 100%. I do not understand how a movie that runs an hour and 45 minutes with nothing else on the disc puts me down in the 80% range. But then a movie that runs damn near 10 minutes over 2 hours and has a couple extra things stay at 100%. Someone know why this may be? I am just curious.

1 reason is some movies contain more subtitles and more audio options [streams] than others. audio streams can be 100s 0f MB

yep and some dvd’s contain different intro’s depending on what country your dvd is set up.
Normally you only see the intro/menu in your own country’s language, but some dvd’s contain them, in 4 to 5 other languages too. And that takes a lott of room.

SO if you want to keep the quality, deselect everything you don’t need and check “preserve menu’s”

Yeah the problem you’re having is that Clone DVD is trying to fit everything you want from a larger DVD let’s say about 7 gigs, onto the single layer DVD you have (4.7 gigs) as a result, you get a lesser qualityto fit the movie onto the smaller dvd. Personbally I keep all of the subtitles and everything, becuase DVD quality is so good that the drop is really unnoticable.

Agreed. Look at the size of the original DVD. If it’s over 4.7GB then the program is compressing it. The only way to get less compression is to deselect unwanted audio and subtitles. Hell, sometimes I only have the main movie and one audio file and it still has 70-80% compression. It’s all in what the video bitrate is and how big the audio file is.

if afther stripping the dvd still needs to much ycompression…you still can split it on to 2 dvd’s

Try DVDFab. Works well! :wink:

I have yet to try cloneDVD, but agree with the above posts. I use DVDshrink and see this often. Different dvd’s have tons of crap on them I’ll never use…but takes up filespace…and hence increases the compression ratio if I select full backup.

The main movie is one thing…but what else is on the disk counts too…:slight_smile: