Not Sure If My Pioneer DVR-108 Is Working Properly

I bought my Pioneer a few weeks ago and at first it seemed fine but yesterday I had problems burning DVDs and I’m trying to work out if the burner has failed.

I have the Pioneer as the master on my secondary IDE and my LiteOn as secondary (see signature for more info).

The “problem” first showed when I burnt a DVD with CloneDVD2 and it said it had completed correctly but when I tried to play the DVD back it wouldn’t play. When I checked the disc it had evidence of burning near the spindle but nothing else. I then tried to check the disc with kprobe2 but that wouldn’t even scan the disc.

I then tried burning another disc, of the same sort, with RecordNow 7 and had the same result.

I then tried an Imation DVD-RW which I had previously burnt with the drive only a few days before and again it failed but the same disc, with the same image file burnt OK on the LiteOn.

I then checked the properties of the drive in Control Panel and it only showed it as a CD-Drive and autoplay didn’t show DVD Movie as an option.

This morning I checked the IDE cable before starting and it seemed OK but now I find that Control panel correctly shows it as a DVD-RW and I have the DVD Movie option back in autoplay.

Browsing the forum this morning I found the following thread which seems to be a similar problem although not quite the same.

My Pioneer DVD108 thinks it’s only a CDRW?

That visual change from “CD-RW drive” to “DVD-R drive” or vice versa is ONLY cosmetical…

In his reply Chef stated

That visual change from “CD-RW drive” to “DVD-R drive” or vice versa is ONLY cosmetical…

I can’t say that I’ve noticed this sort of change before but then I haven’t been looking for it either.

I’m intending to play around burning some DVD-RWs today to see what results I get, and I will now be monitoring the way the burner is reported by XP and see if it changes from a DVD-RW a any stage. I also thought I would try burning some CD-RWs as a comparison.

The burner is still under guarantee but I don’t want to contact the supplier until I’m sure there is a fault.

In the meantime I’d appreciate any comments/help anyone can give as I’m completely baffled at the moment.


Hey, i have a similar problems, many +R discs dont read properly, Windows just shows my drive as a ‘CD Drive’ and refuses to read, and these have been burned by the same drive! And read fine on other dvd-rom drives. And i cant scan using cd/dvd speed with ANY media on my drive! OP, can you scan using Nero DVD speed? Are you using 80 wire cables?