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I am looking for a bit of software for error detection on cd’s dvd’s.

As a disc is scanned spirally from the centre of a disc outwards , and the size of a disc is given as say 8cm , the scan would display on screen as a disc image with 0% from the start to 100% to the max disc capability not the actuall written data.

I want it to have a disc image on screen as it scans that displays the “rough” place of an error as it scans , I know nothing can “precisely” place the location of an error on a disc , but a rough place is fine.

Why ? , because I have over 300 DVD videos that little fingers seem to think were fun to trash… and i need to polish them to remove errors, having a scanner like the above would give me a “rough” location across the radiusw of the disc to look for the error placement and polish that part only without having to do the whole disc.

Anyone know of such a beast ?

As for the Skip dr , yeah right , £29.99 and it didn’t work.


erm nero has an error checking thing, it tells you what chapter the error is in


I have not tried my disk doctor on a dvd yet, but I’ve done dozens of CD’s, and have had 100% success recoverying all data. I’ll have to try a dvd and see how well it works. I’m sure I have an extra copy I can intentionally mess up to see if it fixes it…


I have tried so many different ways to get these back that I am now desperate , many of the films are old classic ones from the 50’s , ealing classics etc I had to capture and then encode over the years , I even got desperate enough to try an electric drill with a polishing head on it !!!, dumb but did no more damage than the kids have to them, trouble is after doing differing things the discs then seem to be able to read what it couldn’t and not what it could before , so I guess if i could locate the defects physically on the discs I can just polish the bit it couldn’t read without affecting the rest. Moral is . Never let your wife allow the kids to get their hands on a 200 disc DVD jukebox player and then leave the room for an hour !!!.


What are you actually using to read the discs? A number of writers though good at that job are not the best at reading. Have you tried to see if you can get the info off on a DVD-ROM or even another persons PC. I have had to do this when a disc is unreadable on my equiptment I use one of a number of friends PCs and usually I find one that will read the disc and so can recover what I need.


ok , I have 6 xp machines a linux (suse ) and a freebsd box. collectively only 3 have burners in them and they are xp machines.
I have the following burners/readers in them
NEC ND-4550A, HL-DT-ST GSA-4163B , LITE ON SOHW-1693S , HL-DT-ST GDR8160B, BDV212B, Pioneer 104, 106, and 108 drives .

I have used isobuster, dvd data rescue, nero, alcohol 120, CD roller, Diskinternals, smartripper, and a few others.

I understand what you say aas I have had varying success changing the discs on different machines, and in fact the best drive so far is the LITE ON SOHW , it seems to get further into the files I need to rip off than the rest.


I was just about to say, the LiteOn is a very good reader. Recovered many trashed discs myself using Liteys.

As for the disc doctor thing - I find it’s very good on pressed discs, but I wouldn’t let my burned discs near it!



Disc Doctor !! , after my experience , euphoria at getting my stuff back + claims by manufacturer -V- factual let down , and still no data , I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, I even got the motorised one to eliminate as much human error as possible…

oh well , back to the electric drill + rust removal wire brush , polishing doesn’t seem to work ! .

I would have thought that some clever person would have designed some software for the above , I mean it must help to be able to have a rough idea of how afr from the centre a damaged area is for manual polishing, I would have thought tha someone would have coded some nice software that would allow you to put disc in drive a, rip what you can to HD, then place in drive b and do the same for what drive a couldn’t read, then stitch them together to get a complete file , maybe there is and i just don’t know what i am looking for.

Anyway , I appreciate the help and will keep checking to see if anyone can come up with something , who knows. I miss "the day the earth caught fire " and " The weak and the Wicked " type films :frowning: .


Wasn’t there some suggestion about toothpaste being ideal for this? Sure I remember from some months ago.


Yeah, the toothpaste thing works pretty much like a jeweler’s rouge…but everybody’s got some toothpaste around…I hope…lol. A friend of mine swears by Brasso, another metal polishing compound. Says he picked up a cd in a parking lot, just all scuffed up…put the Brasso to it and presto-chango…it played.


Yeah, I’ve heard about toothpaste and Brasso…never had to try either though touches wood



Just found this site via google…you’ve probably seen it, but it actually gives product test results, tables and such. Might be worth a look here


Time to get some Brasso in, just in case :eek:


I was thinking the very same thing… :iagree:


I got plenty of Brasso :slight_smile: , and toothpaste (colgate), I also tried furniture spray wax polish , clear shoe polish, automotive chrome and aluminium polish, Top Gloss polish, Windex ( god knows why ) and still no results. Oh and even nail polish remover !!!


Reminds me of my big fat greek wedding “put some windex on it”


is there a special type of brasso you need?


don’t think there is a special kind , I also tried that duraglit as well, same kind of thing as brasso I think , well it looks the same anyway.


I am currently trying some french polish on a kapok ( something my wife uses for stuffing toys ) ball at the momment.


Well you know that feeling you get when someething is moving along swiftly and going just how you want it to, the kb’s and megs just fly of the disc, and your watching it get to 80% and thinking “yes success at last” , but wait , the the speed drops and the kb’s are no longer moving , then you see it drop to 0.1x and you just know your going no further, and its another day or so of polishing and cleaning in hope, welcome to my world :frowning:

Funny enough its like my sex life since the kids came along.