Not sure about firmware



Hey everyone,

Just got myself a Philips 1640P DVD drive (OEM) and when I used Nero Info tool to take a look at the firmware to see if it had the lastest I got a surprize when it said I had B2.2 and when I look at the philips firmware they are all P’s

I’ve taken a screen shot of Info Tool, I’m completely new to all these DVD burners and so came straight here to ask.

Is my Drive ok and do I flash it with the P firmware i see for philips drives? Also can someone point me in the direction to understanding all this Cross flashing. I’m curious why poeple cross flash and the advantages of it.

Cheers :slight_smile:



Hi, you have many choices.

You can stick with the “B” firmeware IE:2.4, 3.0, 3.2

or Change to “P” firmware IE: 2.4,2.5,3.0,3.2 By using the .CVT file and Winflash.

or Change to any of the Benq Firmwares by using the Benq .CVT files and Winflash.

All of which are very similar result wise.
Whichever I use I still get very high PI errors (approaching 320) in the last 1.5gb using 3 different types of Media.
None of these Media were a problem with the 2x NEC2500a’s I used before.
So I am unsure whether it is a problem with this burner, or the Firmware.


Which media are you using?
I would guess it’s the media you are using or maybe a bad drive. Many of us get scans with PI errors much much better than that with good media. PIE AVE ~2 Max ~8 for example
On the other hand, my Ritek R03’s scans look terrible with high PIE’s.


Tried Ritek R03, CMC mag E01, Fuji 03. All give same results. Have some Verbatim MCC03’s coming tomorrow will test with these.
All the above worked fine with the NEC2500a, especially the Fuji03 they were the best of all, with very low PI/PIF.


The following disk when tested 3 hours using DVDinfo the PIE were hitting 320 at end.
Now (after watching the whole Movie on standalone) these are two scans of the same disk.
I reflashed the drive for this scan, I will now burn same Movie and test again to see if the re-flash has made any difference.


This is with Reflash, same Movie, same Media burnt at same speed. Although this time it took 12min 2 sec. 3 min longer for some reason. It stopped burning several times, but not because of buffer underun as that stayed at between 94%/98% all the way through (maybe the WOPC thingy?).


Last one.
Same as before burnt at 8x. A big improvement on previous Ritek R03’s which I tried yesterday they both hit 300+ PIE.
So the “3rd” flash with same firmware improved the burn by a big margin (300+/55).

I think I will flash it one more time.LOL.


cheers for the responces, think i will just stick to the B firmware for now.


I think I will try the same … maybe it helps :wink:

I found PIE/PIF scanning of DVD-R media to be quite unreliable, on my DW1620 (G7P9) at least. See this thread about my experiences and also note that on DVD+R there was no such effect, just the normal +/- some %.

Oh BTW, from 1st to 2nd flash your quality score got better and 2nd to 3rd worse … maybe you should do as many Disc Quality Scans of the same media in one row until a maximum of PIE is reached, write down the values, and then do the same with other media you want to compare. Otherwise your values may not be comparable I fear!

Another possibility would be that the media in your package changes. I had the same, media written under equal conditions giving very different results, from one cakebox, several times on 2 writers…


Oh BTW, from 1st to 2nd flash your quality score got better and 2nd to 3rd worse

I don’t get that!

The first 2 scans are of the same disk (fuji03) tested in both DVDinf and Nero CD speed, showing near identical results. Then after reflash, a scan of another Fuji03 same Movie.
Big improvement.
Next scan is using a Ritek R03 after 3rd flash, bettering both disks (R03) burnt the day before using the same Movie after 1 flash. They had PIE of 320+ compared to Max of 55 this time. I can’t post the scans as I deleted them as they were so bad (I binned the disks).