Not supported multisession when I writing DVD-RW

When I am writing DVD-R, multisession supported.
Not supported multisession when I writing DVD-RW,
and my program out write error

You must realize that your description is very short in order to give you quality help. What kind of error do you get? Where do you get it? What technology do you use? What programming language?

I can only assume that the problem is in the fact that DVDRW discs use virtual multisession instead of the “ordinary”. You are probably not honoring this fact. RW discs have only one track. You can be sure there is a VMS info by examining ncdiMediumFlags field of the NERO_CD_INFO structure. There should be a NCDIMF_VIRTUALMULTISESSION bit set and then you can use NeroGetVMSInfo() to query for VMS information. When importing tracks from a VMS supported disc, you need to specify NIITEF_IMPORT_VMS_SESSION flag when calling NeroImportDataTrack() and the trackNumber parameter will then be interpreted as a VMS session number, not ordinary track number.

I am use NeroCom, C++ Builder 6
OnDoneBurn return result NeroBurnFailed

This doesn’t tell me much. Do you use any of the things I wrote in my last post? I wrote in terms of NeroAPI but it easily translates into NeroCOM. Have you used any of the VMS stuff at all? If not, can you please retry with VMS support and then report how it went.

I am use NeroSDK 1.1
Nuthing tell about VMS in my NeroSDK
Please give mi example

There is no 1.1. You must be referring to the PDF document that says “NeroCOM v1.1”. It indeed has no information on VMS as it seems to be not quite up-to-date.

There is a MediumFlags property on NeroCDInfo object. You should see if flag NCDIMF_VIRTUALMULTISESSION is set. If so, you can use GetVMSInfo() method on NeroDrive object. This will give you a NeroVMSInfo object which you can query for VMS sessions. If you now want to import a VMS session, you should call ImportIsoTrack() on a NeroDrive but be sure to include NERO_IMPORT_VMS_SESSION flag as TrackNumber will then be interpreted as a VMS session.

The rest is same as always…

I am not familiar with Borland C++ Builder, but you should be able to get more details from some form of “Object Inspector”.