Not so obvious: 12x Plextor burning faster than 16x Pioneer burning?



I just posted the article Not so obvious: 12x Plextor burning faster than 16x Pioneer burning?.

has sent us an email about an interesting subject. On the Japanese website
PCWatch we can
find a preview of the Pioneer DVR-108. The authors of the article had the
possibility to…

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PLUS with AnyDVD the PX-712A is also a MUCH faster ripper :X MB


Yuck! 16x Z-CLV? Now - that sucks. Let us hope Pioneer switch to CAV with the final firmware versions. Hm, why is 12x faster than 16x when recording with the pioneer 108? Better get one into my lab and find out :smiley:


Anyone remember when everyone said Plextor was nuts for releasing a 12x drive and not a 16x drive. LOL.


They were still nuts on not including DL writing support in it…


I’ll think they will upgrade PX-712 firmware to add DL.


Agreed OC, my loyalty to the Pioneer burners has definately drifted after the release of the A07 & A08. The competition has finally caught up! :slight_smile:


They only put that feature in because I’d already done so in DVD Decrypter! You can thank me for it later :wink:


The A08 is faster at 12x than it is at 16x, what a joke :slight_smile: Is CAV harder to implement for DVD-R than for DVD+R or why on earth is Pioneer using ZCLV? 4x DL is nice though. I hope BenQ & Co fix 4x at 2.4x DL discs soon too.


They better improve the burning quality of 8x (which is actually crap) before the keep speeding up :(:(:r