Not Seeing Movie

Hi, I have the latest Version installed beta, It seems Not one HD DVD movie will recognize the movie, Is their something i need to do to get it too worK?. DVD movies work fine. What gives??.

I am no tech, but are you trying this with a normal Dvd drive & HD disc?

No, I have a Blueray, HD DVD Rom Drive. I know you can not use a standard DVD rom drive to read HD discs or Blue ray Discs also. But the problem is i can read and rip standard DVD’s but it will not even see the HD DVD disc. But i have Anydvd HD and it has no problem reading and ripping them> So that is the problem why is this app not able to do it???. :confused:


As far as we know, there is no real crack for aacs on hddvd/blu-ray for now. So any product which claim to crack hddvd/blu-ray, may fail on future discs. It’s not like css on dvd, if you break it, all future discs is supported, and we can release update for 3rd protections like arccos, etc. So we will not release a commercial product which claim to do something, but cannot promise to do it.

If there is real crack for hddvd/blu-ray, we will definitely add support for it.

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Hi, Well i guess that may be true for the Cracking the protection, But it still does not answer why it will not even recognize the HD DVD movie, But AnyDVD will see it and Rip it. Why will it not even Find the movie that is in the Drive if this is HD DVD and blu Ray Decrypter?. It has no problem seeing DVD movies but Draws a Blank on HD DVD’s. :confused:

Try with another disc/movie.

Hi, I guess Every movie i have tried so far Have not ever been recognized by the software, This software is suppose to See and Rip HD DVD and Bluray Right?. Or maybe i am just asking for some thing that is not possible with software, As i guess i would from the apps name it says DVDFab HD Decrypter. It seems to have no Problem seeing DVD, But if i try a HD DVD it will just draw a Blank on it. It seems strange that i have tied this on a Different PC and i though it was something with the PC But i am having the same trouble. I know the unit works fine as i can play Movies off no problem. SO i guess i am clueless as too why it will not work. any ideas?

Hi, Well From what i can Tell It is a Fab DVD problem with the LG Drives,
It seems DVDFab HD will not work with LG drives. If anybody has had success with Using the DVDFab HD and using a LG Drive please respond as too what the Drive model is.