Not satisfied with Recognition Time



Bought my first ASUS drive yesterday. Which is DRW-2014S1T. And i am not really satisfied with the results i’m getting from the tests. The CD i tested was the one i got with the package. Contains Nero 8.

CD Test Picture -
DVD Test Picture -

What do you think of this? DVD Transfer rate low too. Are ASUS drives like this? OR Is it my settings or something?


Why no replies? I thought this was the most active forum for optical drives.


First: Say Hello! :a:a:a
Second: Upgrade firmware (if available).
Third: MCSE might help with that (if the firmware is supported)… I think you have to increase read speed.


And recognition time is said to be slow with Asus drives, with no real fix in sight. :frowning:

Anywho, welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:


Llun, Sorry for that. I’m just too frustrated with my drive! [B]Hello everyone![/B] :wink: and yes i checked the site and apparently this is the updated firmware.

Thanks Albert for replying! :slight_smile: Some dvds have better recognition time though. But still over all, My samsung drives were much faster.