Not recognizing writable media

I just installed a NEC3540 and it does recognize writable media. This problem occurred with my CD writer as well and I thought that it was a faulty drive hence I had an excuse to upgrade. The only thing major that I did recently was upgrade to W2000P’s SP 4. I did download and install the most recent FW with no success. Any Idea’s?

What real burning program have you used?
The built-in one can ONLY handle CD-R/RW.

I haven’t one yet. But I at least thought that it would recognize the media. Can you reccommend a good one. I considered x copy but saw somewhere the their not selling it anymore.

Windows 2000 Pro doesnt have a built in CD burner.

There’s a free general purpose CD/DVD burning program available, if you’re interested:

As an add-on from m$ or within SP4 not? I thought it had, IIRC.