Not Recognizing DVD+R



Please help! I’m new to DVD burning and am having serious problems. I created a movie for my family (in Windows Movie Maker) so I bought a DVD burner. Unfortunately, my DVD burner won’t recognize a blank DVD+R disc. It will read and record CDs and play DVDs. Internal drive information is below. All advice is greatly appreciated as I’d like to give my family the DVD at Easter. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

LiteOn Internal DVD±R/±RW ReWriter
Model: LH-16W1P364C
Manufactured October 2006

FYI . . . A DVD READER and CD burner came installed on my computer. I added the DVD burner as the master and the CD burner as the slave in “slot 2”. Is this causing problems? I’m not real good with computers so please speak in computer illiterate terms. :slight_smile: I forgot to mention it’s a Memorex DVD+R 16x 4.7GB 120min video that I’m trying to burn to.


Welcome to the forum Mickey.

What do you actually mean when yoy say the disc isn’t recognised? Is that by Explorer or by the program you’re using to burn the disc?


Well, when I insert the DVD+R disc the drive (in “My Computer”) shows as a CD drive and my program (Nero 7 Ultra Edition) says to please insert a disc.


I have this problem too. I’ve been trying for over a week just to burn a dvd, and nothing has worked so far.

Using LG GSA-1466B
Nero7 Ultra Edition, demo

Memorex DVD+RW
Verbatim DVD+R

neither work.

once i was able to erase the DVD, but never burn.

other software attempted were
Sonic (which came with my PC)
Nero (whatever came with my DVD burner and was removed when i installed this Nero7)


Memorex DVD+R 16x 4.7GB are good used over three hundread 2 bad burns my fault.? have you set the region for your new LiteOn Internal DVD±R/±RW ReWriter also are you using rom or express


you have not said if you are using any shrink programes or region free programes .you must these progs to make it work