Not recognize cdr

hi all. i recently installed blindwrite to copy unreal 2003 well it gave me an error about finding drives so i uninstalled it and voila ! none of my other burning programs recognizes blank media…it rejects it as a full disc. running 98 se nero clone cd fireburner and music match. i’ve reinstalled them all as well as aspi. uninstalled/installed the ide drivers nothing seems to work.
i’d hate to think a program wrecked the burner as everyone else seems to have no problems. also the burner will read cd’s to image on hard drive but it’s the burning part that will not work.
any ideas? i’m pulling out my hair .thanks

i don’t know if it uninstalls the pattin-cauffin drivers when you uninstall blindwrite. Reinstall blindwrite. Go to control panel, Patin-Couffin configuration, and set it to ASPI (windows default).

Patin-Cauffin gave me problems on my old win95 system.

If you want to uninstall blindwrite again you can, but you should have a working after switching to ASPI.

Hi, Have interesting problem, although it’s a very fustrating one. I have a new computer Gateway media Center, came with WinXP media center software, however it does not recognize that there’s a blank CD (of any type, brand, etc) in the driver. Device manager shows that the device is working properly. It will read any disk or dvd that is inserted. There’s been a few times that It will show blank cd after a disk has been put in but when I try to save something or burn a cd I receive message to install a blank cd. This is driving me crazy. Have contacted Gateway several times and have ended up being more fustrated (will never buy or recommend Gateway again because of this). If anyone can help it would sure be appreciated. Oh buy the way I replaced the original drive with the same results, upgraded to Vista hopeing this would help but exactly the same result.

Thanks in advance,