Not receiving yahoo emails

I am desperate for help, this may not be the best place, but recently my email was hacked into & somebody tried to get my family members to wire money to them.

I recently went into my email & changed my password & security questions. I can sign into my email & send messages out, but I am not receiving any in. I usually get something every day, even if it is just spam, but now nothing for the past 2-3days all of a sudden. I noticed when I changed my password, all my contacts were wiped out, but I want them to stay wiped out so nobody can get into my email & contact people in a contacts list.

I advice contacting Yahoo! support for this.


check if there are some filtering or forwarding rules configured.


Send email to your yahoo email address and check if it’s received. If it is received, then nothing’s wrong. I created a Gmail email account which I rarely use, get no junk mail there and rarely get email there unless I or someone I know sends email to that address. I suspect changing password on existing account may have the same effect, and you may not receive junk mail there until you use the new password for a while.

Hi,QUOTE=bevills1;2502473 and you may not receive junk mail there until you use the new password for a while.[/QUOTE]No. :disagree:
Why should changing the password affect the capability to receive mail (unless your mail provider is clueless), regardless if spam or ham?


Well thanks everyone for the replies, as suddenly as I stopped receiving emails, I have started to receive them again like before. Not sure what happened, I did fill out a couple of surveys for yahoo, & told them my problem & gave a bad review of their services.