Not really protected, but

I want to backup fear effect 1 and fear effect 2. These games each have four PS1 disks. Is there any way to back up all four disks to one dvd so that I never have to switch disks again? I don’t care if the dvd is a PS1 format or a PS2 format, just as long as the entire game is one one disk. Thanks in advance!

I seriously doubt that this is possible.


not even by modding the source files on the disk or patching them somehow? I don’t know how to do ti but I’m willing to learn? I thought I read about doing this somewhere else way back in another lifetime, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it. Anyone?

Ps1s cant read DVDs, as all their games are CD based. I guess you have a PS2, this may be possible.

But a high amount of skill in PS1/2 architecture would be required, such as menuing blah blah.