Not really AnyDVD question



I use AnyDVD as the deprotector which I always found works great but my question is:

I have imported a Nintendo Play-Yan from Japan for my GBA and want to rip straight from DVD to ASF format, tried lots of stuff incl. 1 Click DVD Ripper which supposedly do the job but fail miserably.

I can Rip the DVD first to AVI/MPG and then user the Panasonic derived Nintendo software to compress to the correct output, this however takes way too long and I want to be able to Rip / Encode in one easy step.

Anyone got any suggestions?

This is the output format I am after:

Video Specifications:
File Format: ASF (SD-VIDEO Standard)
Video Format: MPEG-4 Video
Screen Resolution: 240x176 (QVGA)
Bit Rate: 480Kbs
Frame Rate: 30fps
Sound Format: Bit rate - 32kbps; Sampling rate - 8kHz

With ideally the option to select either:
High Quality - 240x176 480Kbs 30fps
Medium Quality - 240x176 352Kbs 30fps
Low Quality - 240x176 224Kbs 15fps

I have also found some other Japanese software that encodes from AVI/MPG etc. to ASF but is not as good quality as the MediaStage by Panasonic. I just cannot yet find anything for DVD > ASF



forward this to my email address, i’ll pass it to my team. I’ve been writing reviews, how-to’s, and faq’s for over 10 years now, we’ll find a way if there is one =)


I am puzzled why do you need it forwarding when you can copy it off the screen? :smiley:


Try “DVDtoASF.exe” version 2.0.9


And I suggested sending an email for this reason, I don’t get back to the same page for days, weeks, or even months.


Just curious, if “not really an AnyDVD question” why post in the AnyDVD forum???


11-03-2005 !!!


Hey and guess what! you can now rip to Play-Yan using CloneDVDMobile.

Time and tide…and all that. :smiley: