Not reading dvdr

since i formated my laptop infinity intel celeron 1300 winxp sp2 i cant copy or play dvdr’s i’m not too familiar with pc’s so bare with me my dvd drive says its a SM-HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4 with firmware OL33 what ever that means !! it was working fine untill i formated it, it plays and copy’s cdr’s and it plays normal dvd’s that i bought. whenever i put a dvdr in that i copied before the drive just searches for a disk and then says that there is nothing in the drive i have tried it with several different dvd’r and its allways the same result… nothing in drive.nero info tool says that i have all the right ingredients to burn a dvd . if any one has had the same problem please let me know what u did, or if you need more info about my system let me know what u need and i will try and find it :bow: please help