Not Reading Certain Discs

Hi! I went out and got five movies and went to back them up, since I always store the originals away. I am running WinXP SP2 and have the latest DVDFab HD Decrypter I use DVDShrink for making an ISO to burn to disc after it is processed with DVDFab, that’s why I haven’t yet gotten DVDFab Platinum. I don’t know how good it is at compressing and retaining video quality, compared to DVDShrink (which is excellent at that) and so, I just pull the files off the DVD to my hard drive and use DVDShrink from there. I have a DVD-ROM (Lite-On, I think) reader and a NEC DVD Burner. I will have to test the compression in DVDFab eventually though, to see how it is. But anyway…

What happens is, it will read three of the movies and I can process them fine, but with “Surf’s Up” and “Reign Over Me”, it won’t even see that there’s a disc in the drive! I cleaned the discs. I exchanged them both at the store for another copy (they were nice surprisingly nice about it). Same problem! I thought maybe hardware, but it is always the same two movies that it won’t read. The others read fine. DVDFab does not even try to process these two and doesn’t even show that it sees them at all in the little box at the top and if I try DVDShrink by itself, just to see if it will see the disc, it says, “No Disc”.

But still investigating the hardware issue, I did try a different IDE cable and uncabled the ROM drive and tried to read them with just the burner hooked up. Same problem with the same two discs. And they appear to be fine, looking at them, but as I said, I did clean them both and did so twice.

Now it gets weirder. I placed the disc in my laptop, with an older version of DVDFab and it read it fine! So again I was thinking maybe it was hardware in the PC, but that doesn’t make any sense either, since it reads the other discs just fine and I changed the cable and tried reading the discs with the other drive (the burner)!

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Correction: On my laptop, it is the same version of software.

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I think you will find the compressed video from DVDFab compares very favorably to DVDShrink, even the 2-pass “Deep Analysis” (and Fab is much faster). With a good (high bitrate) original I have no problem with the video from an 82% “Quality” disc on my 32" HDTV (w/prog. scan, no upconversion player).

Not sure what you are seeing with the invisible drive. I would suggest you disable Autoplay in windows and the read ahead cache in Fab and see what happens. Perhaps one of the registry filters placed by other software is capturing the drive and never releasing it after becoming confused. Does windows explorer recognize it when this happens? Unless you have identical software apps and drivers installed in the laptop (where it works), the upper/lower filters would be different there, regardless of the DVDFab version installed. Sounds like a software/driver conflict. The registry differences surrounding the drives on the two machines may give you a clue.

Signals: Sorry for the noob question but why would you want to disable the read ahead cache in DVDFab? I thought that it should be enabled for better buffer underun protection?

The read ahead cache is only used in the reading of the original disc (Task 1) and can produce higher read speeds. Does not have any impact on disc burning (Task 2) which is where buffer underrun would occur (unlikely when burning from HDD folder anyway).:slight_smile: I leave the cache disabled but opinions on this vary. On a good disc I get reads of from 5 to as high as 8 MB/s without it; plenty fast.

I assume by your sig, that you’re one of the authors of DVDFab?
If so, bravo on a great program! :slight_smile:

Two things:

  1. Have you tried it without “Progressive Scan”? I don’t have that.

  2. I do movies sometimes at 55%. Now how does it compare?

I don’t use “AutoPlay”. It is disabled.

I tried disabling the read ahead cache in DVDFab. Same result.


Explain, please. And yes, I can get pretty technical, so don’t be afraid to run me through the registry, etc… :slight_smile:

I have no problem with other discs though, as I said. As far as I know, I have nothing else that would be interfering. And I was running it successfully for a while, which is why I thought initially that it was some new kind of prtection, but others have said they copied those movies fine.

Thanks for your quick response!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but while I can see what you’re saying on a single disc system, wouldn’t it have an effect if you are going disc to disc, without reading it to the hard drive first?


DVDFab never actually goes disc-to-disc even with 2 optical drives; it always writes to a temp folder on the HDD (Task 1). I am just a satisfied user, like many others who help out here. The Official Guide is new and contains some guides that I wrote so I replaced the individual links for them in my sig to a single one for the new Guide. Reserve all kudos for Fengtao, Ting and other members of his staff.

The “editing clock” is running on this post so I will try to respond to the rest of your post in a new one.

I never compress below 70% as a general rule, but I m sure that opinion varies. At 70% or higher, I cant tell any difference from the original.

Okay and thank you for the info about “disc to disc”.

I do compress below that. In fact, I bought “The Shield” and that comes out to about 52% and DVDShrink does it fabulously (no pun intended)! It isn’t quite DVD at that point, but it looks better than TV! So yes, for me, ultimate compression ability is a requirement! Of course, when everything goes HD/Blueray, I’m going to mourn, because it isn’t made any more and I will have to pick which death I wish to die in the compression game. :slight_smile: