Not only StarForce is polluting systems: SSHDRV*

After having read all the hate articles about StarForce, the removal of StarForce drivers and the returning of StarForce protected games, I took a closer look at my own computer. Luckily, I never had any StarForce crap touch my harddrive, but I still wanted to make sure that it’s only StarForce that’s doing crap to us.

So I started with looking at my device manager and found something very interesting, when ‘showing hidden devices’ (or similar, German OS). Under the category ‘non-plug&play devices’ (where you would also find StarForce drivers) I found a few entries called ‘SSHDRV*’ where * is a two digit number from 65 to 85. We’re talking about 5 entries (see end of posting for a little attachment). Besides all these entries are also present as .sys files in /system32/drivers.

Of course I started searching for the source of these strange entries but couldn’t find anything much better than a vague connection to ‘Protect CD5’. And, quite a while ago, I played the game ‘Sacred’ (before it went to the dusty cupboard where it belongs) which is, as far as I know, protected with this copy protection. But I can’t guarantee that this connection is actually true.
I didn’t really start doing anything, yet, although I would really like to remove these old copy protection leftovers from my system.
Does anyone of you guys know more about these drivers? Or even how to remove them? I actually don’t only want to remove the .sys files as I don’t know where such drivers are registered. Keep in mind that I want to get rid of leftovers instead of making more trouble with a half-minded removal :slight_smile:
Thanks for help!

I think you mean Sacred Underworld, which is protected by StarForce. Original Sacred is protected by Safedisc 2.90.

You should use those “half-minded” removal tools, or reformat your system. These are the best ways to remove those drivers.

I don’t really want to reformat right now… Couldn’t you guys tell me where this kind of drivers is registered?

Sorry for double posting, but I couldn’t find the edit button… I guess I’m kind of tired at the moment, but I would really appreciate if one of you could point me in the right direction :wink:

About my ‘problem’: I did a little bit of research and I’m now 100% sure that these files originate from the Protect CD5 copy protection. I also found out that SafeDisc does also install a driver like that, called secdrv. As I regularly play SafeDisc protected games (good old times…) I won’t attack that one. Nevertheless I will get rid of that ProtectCD5 SSHDRV in the next days. I did a registry search on that and found out that it’s registered in the different ControlSets (as a legacy driver). So it shouldn’t be too big of a problem to get rid of them without leaving traces behind.
I will still wait for some suggestions from your side, just in case i’m missing some very clever head on the removal of generic legacy drivers :slight_smile:

Which is why I use a boot menu and isntall a dedicated OS on another partition, strictly for games, nothing else - along with a registry backup state of that fresh OS with all the driver updates included.

Well, probably a clean way of managing it. I already thought about taking an image of my HD when having a clean install with all the updates installed. But that will have to wait untill the next format C: :slight_smile:

Alright, I took care of this trash.
Managed to completely remove it, that means the driver’s .sys files and every trace of it from the registry. Wasn’t big of a problem, if someone needs help concerning this matter, just PM me :slight_smile: