Not new but need help

Hi guys/gals,
I am not new to computers but am to the idea of using cd-rws… Anyway here is the problem. I have a Pioneer DVD-RW DVr-104 and a Samsung CD-RomSC-140c but I cant seem to burn onto cd-rw’s. I pop the cd in “blank and brand new” and it never detects it. I can put a new blank cd-r and it finds that… What could be causing this? Anyone know? I have un-installed the driver went to Sony’s site and installed the lastest driver, tried Windows Update etc… Any help would be great…


Is the blank CR-RW formatted (should say so on the package). If not, you may need to format it before you can use it. If it is formatted, your drives/firmware, may not recognize the brand/type.

Thank you for the reply Rob, I have these they dont appear to be formatted, I cannot understand why it can detect the cd-r but not the rewrittables… What else can I try?


How are these RW rated?

I would use a real burning app.

Kinda not up on the abbreviations lol… Rated I think you aretalking about the specs on the cd case correct?
They are Memorex Ultra Speed CD-RW Rewrittable/reinscriptable 24x-700mb/80min…
And by your lastcomment “I would use a real burngin app” I think you mean to use something like at the moment I have Roxio Creator 8 if any of that helps… Also I talked to someone else and they were just guessing here but could it be that my cd-drive doesnt or wont read this brand of media? Meaning maybe buy a different brand? As I said its Memorex?

Thanks again for any help guys, I am almost to the point that I am going to just go out and buy a new drive…


Your burner is old, however a simple firmware update might correct the problem. Have you ever updated the firmware?

I’m curious, how old and how much did you pay for your dvr104?

Well it came in my Sony Vaio that I bought 2yrs or so ago at Best Buy, I am not sure how to update firmware, I have all the “Windows Updates” have any idea what I need to download or a link to a site? I’ve looked but am not to sure what I need…

Thanks again

US CD-RW are surely not supported by such “obsolete” burners.

At least 4x CD-RW would work, haven’t tried with others at that time and since a long time anymore at all with my 104 burner…

Thanks for the replies guys, Chef I couldnt take it anymore I picked my brain for hrs yesterday and today, and just couldnt take it anymore, 1 trip down to Best Buy and left with an LG 16X External Super Multi DVD/CD Rewritter… everything works great, the external drive is the way to go, left the old 1 in the case still also, found out that if I was to replace with a different internal if I ever were to have to reformatt the hard drive I would have to “Unplug the new cd rom” then plug it back in… External just seemed better, a little more money but its great I love it!!
Thanks again for all the replies everyone!