Not multi reigon ---->multi reigon

how can you make a TV dvd player multi reigon if it doesn’t say multi reigon on the box.’’

someone told me that there is some sort of code u can punch in ur remote and this makes the player multi reigon. is this true?

Depends on the dvd player itself, some have a code you put in using the remote others need a disk to reprogram the eprom while others you need to modify them with a chip.

Go here for information.


Depends on the make and model.

Not too long ago I posted these links somewhere on this forum, since a similar question was asked:

a brand and typenumber would be nice

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
a brand and typenumber would be nice
i dont atually need to do this (yet). i may just get a multi reigon player; just find some info