Not making 16x on SL dvds



I cant quite get up to 16x reading using dvd decrypter. My 3500 has hacked 2.18 riplock removed FW and i cant see why its not doing it. On a side note my Benq 1620 doesnt make it to 8x either on a DL disc with the same program.
I 17:16:26 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:04:54
I 17:16:26 Average Read Rate: 14,640 KB/s (10.6x) - Maximum Read Rate: 20,585 KB/s (14.9x)

I 17:07:23 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:13:24
I 17:07:23 Average Read Rate: 7,031 KB/s (5.1x) - Maximum Read Rate: 9,653 KB/s (7.0x)

Any advice?
I have a pretty hefty machine by average standards, so I cant see that being the issue for reading issues.
P4 2.8c
1 gb ram
75 GB WD Raptor HD 10,000 RPM (not that it should matter for reading)



No burner made is a fast reader-

You need a DVD-ROM - like the AOpen 1648/aap to read/rip fast with decent error correction-



I know the Aopen is fast, but my drives should be making the speed Im talkin’ bout.
Anyone else?


Firstly You need a full dvd to get the 16x read speed ( it reaches this right at the very end - quite often finishing about 15.8x ) . This could explain you falling a little short.

The max D/L read speed even with riplock removed is 7x so you are bang on the nose with your D/L test :slight_smile:


Well how long a movie would that be?
And I thought the DL speed was 8x, not true?


A full dvd disc S/L is around 4.38 GB according to CDSpeed when I use it for my Create CD tests on S/L media. It is at around this point that my NEC 3500 reaches 16x. A limitation of CAV reading - P-CAV would reach 16x quicker but I’m happy at reading S/L DVDs in 5 mins max :slight_smile:

D/L could be faster If I was to be picky…


It might 8x on a 7.95GB movie - mosts of my tests dvds havent been quite this big.


Thats what Im talking about Pressed dvds, not copies. So the one Im talking about (the DL) is almost 6GB.


Thats what Im talking about Pressed dvds, not copies. So the one Im talking about (the DL) is almost 6GB.


Max read speed for DL media is around 7.3X. Use Nero CD/DVD Speed for testing. You need to run AnyDVD in the background when reading encrypted DVDs.


How 'bout Region+CSS free?


Here is a neat trick to test encrypted DVD-Video.
Just start DVD playback with open source freeware Windows Media Player Classic.
Run Nero CD-DVD Speed test :slight_smile:


Whats the trick/test? To see if its copyright protected or bypass it? I already know how to do that, with anydvd.


Good tip.


It authorizes the DVD/content.


AH. I see.