Not looking for flame war - best copy program to buy?

I’m looking to make some backups of PC games (maybe PS2 games also) after scratching too many CDs.

I have a Lite-On 48x24x48 CD-RW burner and a Toshiba CD/DVD ROM.

I’m not looking to start a ‘mine is better than yours’ war, but I’m not likely to buy more than 1 backup program. The question is: Which?

I know that everyone has favorites, but does anyone have facts/opinions (easier to use, difficult but more likely to succeed, etc.) that will help sway this non-major expense?

I’m trying to keep my machine simple, and 9 programs that do ‘mostly’ the same thing is something to avoid - even if the cash expense is <$120 for all of them.

I appreciate the help, and again, I’m neither a troll nor hoping to try out my new Nomex suit.


I think you have to buy BlindWrite, since that’s the only progran handling every known copy-protection. But I don’t have experiences with the program, because i do not own copy protected, recently released games.

While Blindwrite suite is a good set of applications, I would still have to pick Alcohol 120%. It can handle the same protections that Blindwrite can including Securom provided you have a copy of Twinpeaks handy. What’s more, it provides the user with more virtual drives than anyone would use. :smiley: It’s easy to use, and easy to understand. Always a plus for me. :bigsmile:

Whilst I’m a registered user of a whole variety of programs, if I had to choose just one to register, right now, that one would be alcohol 120%.

It’s extremely easy to use, very reliable on my system (unlike blindwrite), is updated regularly as it’s developer is constantly working on the program and can pretty much do everything any other duplicating program can do (though for the latest versions of securom it does need some assistance from blindwrite’s bwa tool and blackcheck’s twinpeak tool).

I think you should download trial versions of the programs and try them out yourself that’s what i would do anyway. (I don’t trust oters :wink: )

From what I have read on this board and others like it. I would say Alcohol 120 is your best bet.

Also check this poll on our frontpage. Alcohol is on top. Mind that CloneCD who is second, currently does not handle DVDs (PS2) and will probably require an additional fee to do so (CloneDVD)