Not just music

Hi All

I know this forum is Music based, but should it not include other things as well?

Should it not include, movies, games and any other copyrighted material that can be burnt onto a CDR, DVD etc?

How many people know anyone or have read of anybody being taken to court for downloading games etc ? Not storing and sharing just downloading…

We discuss legal matters on this forum. Whether or not you can get caught does not change the fact that what you are suggesting is illegal.

While what this particular section of the forum might advocate is illegal in nature, I will take a libertarian stance to start a discussion. Almost all of us can agree that the “government” has its sticky little fingers in places that it would be better off not sticking them. A Libertarian view is for small to almost nil government. By further controlling the lives of those you govern, you cripple them. While this is not a political forum, I must point out that those who press against copyright laws and decide to download in the face of adversity are practicing a Libertine value that all of American should notice. The only way to repeal a law is at first to break it. Blacks sat in restaurants that were deemed white by Jim Crow Laws, Women had abortions despite the fact that they were illegal in certain states, people are still pressing for gay marriage (although in my state it is now legal), and guess what, those who disagree with government policy with big business music industries are fighting back, me included. While what we do may be illegal on paper to the crap sandwich that is the two party politics of America, is it truly morally “illegal?” Should a price tag ever be put upon art? Only if the customer, and that is the people, deem so. Putting regulations upon an item that is meant to be creative, free flowing, and without boundaries becomes a hypocrisy when encrypted. Agree with me or not, this is the mantra of many who download. :slight_smile:

Er, I am not suggesting that anybody does it.

Does anyboy know of anybody or have read of anybody being taken to court for just downloading games, that all, I know it is illegal and I do not suggest or recommend that anybody does it.