Not Impressed!

Just noticed this stuff about Moviejack/Gamejack, and after a bit of reading thought it might be worth looking at, so went tripping merrily across to their website. Lo and behold, trial versions are available (even though a bit big at 30mb./9mb.) so just spent what seems like hours on my humble little dial-up downloading them. Logged off and tried to install them - the first thing the proggie wants to do is access the net in order to install!!! After all that downloading!!!This is crap, thinks I!! With a big K!!!

No way am I letting some unknown programme access the net via my PC just to install a trial run! What sort of mickey mouse organisation wrote this software?

(Last time I ran into this was with Kodak - they offered a free proggie for organising and printing digital pics, only problem was you couldn’t download it, you had to log onto their site and let them install it. No way, pal, and I told them so). Found a Canon one that does the same thing, and I can do the installing!

Guess I’ll stick with the proggies I’ve got, at least I know they work (particularly dvd2SVCD - great programme).

So :Z to Moviejack (closest I can get to sticking thumbs in ears, waggling hands and sticking out tongue).

Dear Sockmy,

What are talking about?
MJ only connects to internet if you choose the auto update option!!!
To install these programms you don’t need any internet connection!!!
Maybe you should start thinking before you write such a bullshit, man!

calm down guys

no need for this kind of messages

so many software try connect to the web…just block them if you don’t want it

But it doesn’t make the software suck…i like it…does good work

Judging by h@rdcore’s erudite response, I seem to have touched a raw nerve.

To repeat, I downloaded the MJ demo from their website, but when I tried to install the programme it asked for connection back to the website BEFORE it would install. This happened twice, I then powered down and rebooted with the same result. For good measure, I tried to install GameJack, with exactly the same results!

I assumed this was normal (a quick check back to the website didn’t say it would - or wouldn’t - do this) - judging by the reply I gather it’s not normal. (Although why both programmes should try to do it is a mystery).

It would appear that I may be wrong about the need to access the web in order to install, but, considering my experience at the time, I feel I was justified in feeling a trifle annoyed.

It is, however, unfortunate that the reply I received essentially called me a liar. (Why would I make up something like this? There’s no point to it). I presume he is a representative of sorts of the company, as he is a “beta-tester” and therefore obviously an important person, whereas I am a nobody, a mere consumer, a buyer of products - but not this one!

i understand you reaction…but i got used to software who wants to connect.

perhaps you should have left out the pucking smilie…
some people just react furious when their favorote software is attacked…and that is sometimes understandable too

so…try to solve/talk about the connection problem together and don’t fight

I have installed both programs none of which tried to connect to the net at the time. But that was with me, and i have a firewall installed.

Noone is saying that you made this up Dik, maybe its just that you were mistaken. It could be another proggie trying to connect. The only one who can answer this, is one of the devellopers.

h@rdcore i would advise you to refrain from using such language.

he does seem a wee bit touchy that I should dare to cast aspersions on “his” software… but you’re right, of course, I’ve noticed people do tend to lose their perspective somewhat when they are too close to something. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I’m not mistaken. Both proggies are burnt to a cd-r/w (my normal practice with large downloads) and I simply used “run”, browsed to the .exe and that’s it. Pretty foolproof, I think you’ll agree. If it is another proggie, I have absolutely no idea what it could be, I’ve never seen this particular screen come up before.
And it’s consistent, it does it each time.

(Just so you don’t think I’m a complete novice and don’t know what I’m talking about, I started with a C64, way back when, and progressed, if that’s the word, from there. In my time I’ve built modems, designed and built eprom burners so I could hack OS’s, purely out of curiosity, of course, and designed and built a hard drive interface for my Amiga - that was a real headache, the data did not want to travel on any cable longer than 75mm, lots of buffer/drivers needed for that one!
Among other things :smiley: )

Anyhow, this thread has become rather irrelevant, as I’ve lost interest in these programmes. I doubt very much whether MJ will do anything that DVD2svcd can’t do, and that proggie does a great job. And I must add that any problems I had, and there were a few, were promptly and cheerfully answered by ChickenMan and/or others on his forum.

And I make NO apologies for being a bit paranoid about unknown programmes trying to use MY computer to access the 'net!

Thanks again damiandimitri and Hemispasm.

your welcome

This business of moviejack which refers to the internet.
solution is reload aspi V4.60 always before moviejack
installation. V4.60 is recognized by all programs requiring
aspi drivers .don`t bother with other versions.