Not Impressed by TY Verbatims (YUDEN-000-T03)

I recently purchased a cakebox of Japanese Verbatim DVD+R in the hope of consistent quality, compared to regular Moser Baier made discs. But the quality scans were not impressive. I tested several discs written by 2 burners and the results were very similar:

PIE errors rising towards the end using NEC for reading. Plextor reports much more POE errors than for MCC 004. PIE seem to be decreasing as was the speed during writing. I burned the discs at 2.4x on NEC and 6x on PX-760A (semi-CLV).

What is your opinion about YUDEN-000-T03?

I’d say you burned them too slow for one thing, try 8x, 12x or the rated speed of 16x, and don’t bother scanning on the NEC drive, stick to the Plextor.

My Plextor ones have been very good (BTW, what’s the batch #? Find it around the hub of the disc, starts with TH).

I’m yet to crack open my Verbatim ones, but I’m sorely tempted now.

And I agree with Two Degrees’ advice. :slight_smile:

Just burn it at a decent speed such as 8x or 12x.
Burning 16x rated media at 2.4x is just looking for trouble :frowning:

PIE are okay on the Plextor, I don’t even know how to interpret POE correctly :o
What about a Sum1/PIF scan? :slight_smile:

I previously tried MCC 004 at 16x and it came out with terrible errors at the side of disc. So far I only observed CD-RW and DVD+RW requiring a certain speed. During writing the buffer of PX-760A danced very wildly dropping down to 7%.

TH000020, smaller numbers say 0401
Serial of one disc: 4F635A4000873PH

Edit: I’ll try 12x next time and see what happens. Will do Sum1/PIF soon. Shouldn’t it be the same as burst scan (ignoring chaos theory)?

Me too! :iagree:

I haven’t tried burning at 2.4x on my NEC ND-4551A or Optiac AD-7170A/7173A, but my NEC ND-3500AG was really bad at burning some media at 2x/2.4x.

I’d advice against burning slower than 4x with any 16x/18x capable NEC/Optiarc drive unless you have low speed media.

The Plextor scan doesn’t look too bad - PIE are low and POE are not alarming; The scale doesn’t show how high the POE peaks go however (~ 400 is pretty normal).

If you really want to use the NEC drive for scanning DVDs, in order to get a second opinion, I suggest trying other scanning speeds such as 12x and 5x. The ugly spikes might disappear at other scanning speeds.

NEC drives are known to be whacky scanners.

Burst scan is another way of scanning for PIE (Sum8) and POE. :slight_smile:
So you would need to do two separate tests. :frowning:

Two scans on a Plextor drive are needed to get both PIE and PIF. Is that what you’re trying to say?

I always found my Plextor T03’s (Batch no TH000021) to be far superior to the Verbatim (TH000020). The plextors would consistently burn with pifs in the 500 or less range, the Verbs were always 3000/4000 (i once got a 900).

Don’t expect pretty scans of (non-Plextor) YUDEN000 T03’s. I haven’t seen any perfect 10’s from Verbatim and only very few from TDK around here. The fact that they don’t scan as good as MCC 004 doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any worse for real world use though. :slight_smile:

My opinion is that T03 is not bad, but not as good as T02.
None of my T03s are old enough to allow me to form any
opinion about their longevity, so I reserve the right to
change my opinion in a few years.

Try burning them at a higher speed. As several others
have already said, you shouldn’t trust the NEC scans.

This Verbatim T03 was burned at 20x in a Liteon LH-20:
The hub-code of this disc is TH000021. They usually burn better at
12x or 16x.

I go by the same general rule that I do with PIF: single high spikes are fine, but clusters are potentially problematic. I see two iffy POE clusters, especially for TY. With TY, I’ve never gotten clusters like that. However, I haven’t tried T03 but only TYG03, as far as 16X TY goes.

In my experience, Verbatims TH000020 was very good, but TH000021, was not that good, and have many pif…

My TH000021’s are pretty good. :slight_smile:

My unbranded hub-printable TH000021 T03s aren’t bad either.

I’ve given my Verbatim-branded T03s (TH000020) to a friend, because these discs had troubled TRTs near the end in two of my drives.
Here’s the thread.

:iagree: That is the basic conclusion I have come to for considering POE, it usually relates very well to PIF levels.

Plextor is no guarantee of quality, [B]TH001330[/B] batch Plextors are completely different to the [B]TH000021[/B] batch, but even those were not completely consistent for me.

TH001330 seems to be some of the first batches of T03 where the PIE was a bit higher than people were used to seeing from Taiyo Yuden (but still well within spec). TH000021 is newer (not sure why the number is lower) and appears to be more in line with what we expect in terms of PIE/PIF.

Possibly, but I got both types within a short period when the media first became available in the EU. The anomalie of why TH001330 burns with PIE levels of 30+ on all the drives I have tried is just strange to me, and it is not write strategy related IMO like some users suggested at that time. It does have nice consistency tho :slight_smile:

Yes, it is odd that every T03 disc with that code gives a similar PIE graph, no matter the drive used to burn OR scan, but like you said, it is consistent :stuck_out_tongue: