Not having any luck with the SOHW-1653s!

Hello all,

I’m hoping someone can give me some advice about my new Lite On DVDRW SOHW-1653s. When verifying duplicated DVD-Videos my discs are always failing to verify. So after finding the CS09 firmware I upgraded from CS02.

However I am still having problems. I have tried using several burning programs (Nero, Alcohol 120%, etc) but to no avail.

So far I’ve used printable RITEKG04’s but gave up on them and returned them. Now I’ve been using purple RiData DVD-Rs (RITEKG04). I know it is a good idea to try other media but I thought it could be some other problem??

I’ve attached some outputs from kprobe 2.4.2 (my 1653s with 4x/8/1): discs 1), 2) and 3) burned using my SOHW-1653s and no 4) which was burned using my friends LDW-811s and the same media.


I think I know what your problem is - RITEK… :slight_smile: Hurl all those out the window (makign sure nobody is below) and get yourself some RICOHJPN (even CMC burns better…) :slight_smile:

I’ve attached a 5th image, this one is again of a DVD burned on the other burner (the 811s not my 1653s). Again it looks heaps better than my 1653s results. Any ideas?

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Some DVD-R media will report these spikes, with KProbe, even if the disc is fine. Try running the same disc through a Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test and post the resulting scan. :wink:

Hi Rimmer66
Yeah I thought the quality of the RITEK G04 DVD-Rs might be problematic but I have been using this other burner (the 811s) which is also a Lite On so that is what is confusing me! I’ll have to look into media.

Thanks, cdfreaks is cool!
Ok using cd-dvd speed I did several transfer tests. The DVDs which looked bad on kprobe also went badly here (see attached #1). However the DVD burnt on the other burner (the lite one 811s) gave a nice curve!! (see attached #2). hmm

Hmm, looks like that media is pretty bad or the 1653S firmware does not burn it well. Just remembered about [thread=115071]this thread[/thread], about the 1633S and G04 burning.

Have to agree with Rimmer66; look for some good quality +R media and use bitsetting if you are burning movies. :wink:

My favourites for the 1653S at the moment is Verbatim 16x MCC004 and Ricoh (gold discs) 8x RICOHJPNR02.

i had the same problem with go4… so i ran firmware bsok and write strat g05
burned them at 8x PI where in teh range 10-25 and PIF max was 3…
all in all really good burns…
any firmware about bsok was CR@P
hope that helps

Thanks for all the advice guys. I will try get another brand of blanks to play with. But in the meantime Ive used the awesome omnipatcher to try some other burning stratergies. RITEKG06 seems to work better for these RITEKG04 discs. What do you think of these kprobe results? They are of the same disc, firstly scanned at 4x then at 2x. Are these spikes bad, or should I be happy with this new setup?
edit: although the option to burn faster was available under the G06 stratergy I only burned at 4x.

Looks a lot better but I guess the ultimate test is, does it pass the NS transfer rate test…

Are people still using -R ? What’s the point now - there are so many advantages of the +R format, it is more error tolerant, and it can be bitset, so why bother with -R ? :slight_smile:

Those KPROBES posted are horrid - The PIFs are unusually high its no wonder the disc fails verify. The first that comes to mind is bad media, change media, use better media, invest a few $$$ and buy different brands by units and find out the best match for your writer, if you get lousy results with everything to the point they provide such horrible scans and fail verify then it’s time to get an RMA. LITEONs are very good burners when they work but very variable in quality, you can end up with a good batch and end up with a bad one - This holds the same for many other manufacturers now… The quality control is not what it used to be. One thing with the 811S, its excellent quality CD-R writing.

My favourites for the 1653S at the moment is Verbatim 16x MCC004 and Ricoh (gold discs) 8x RICOHJPNR02.

I usually do not recommend burning DVD video at such speeds. I burn all my DVD VIDEO at 4x. Another thing to keep in mind, DVD VIDEO discs are read at 1x in a DVD player, not at 4x… So people run KPROBE scans at 4x on a DVD VIDEO, and often see a high or borderline kprobe scan, but reading the same disc at 2.4x would provide a huge difference, and excellent kprobe readings… So you can imagine at 1x, it would be a whole different story. The 4x kprobe scanning is just pushing the limits - nonetheless, good media should provide good readings at that scanning speed, BUT, seeing high kprobes on some media does NOT necessarily mean the disc will not be playable on your player… As long as the PIFs are within spec and there are no CRC ERRORS during verification, there should not be any problem.

My favourites are Maxell RICOHJPNR01 and FUJIFILM (RICOHJPN) :slight_smile:

The FUJIs produce some of the best kprobes I’ve seen but they are bloody expensive too :smiley:

Looks like i wiill have to ditch this ritek media. In addition to G05 and G06 I also tried MXL RG02 and RG03 stratergies.
With that disc mentioned above which was burnt using G06, I copied the entire DVD to disc which worked but the nero cd-dvd speed test failed (att #1)! :confused:
Also I burnt another disc using the RITEKG06 stratergy and the results were not as good as the other one (see att #2). :confused:

BTW do i need to clear learned stuff using the EEPROM tool if I keep changing the stratergies in the FW?

have you tried FW bsok…
also i find the burner might be reading to fast to get a good curve,… try without the speed hack… or another drive with the same media

can I use BS0K on the 1653s? I thought it was for the 1633s?!?