Not happy with new batch of YUDEN000T02

I just stocked up on several spindles of 8x Taiyo Yuden
DVD+r’s (shiny silver). Hub codes are TG001162 and 0414.
I absolutely loved my stash of Sony 8x MIJ’s, and would
often get PIF’s in the 60’s with those. I was hoping to get
the same results with these TY’s, but I’m not seeing the
great scans that I used to with this MID.

Burning with a Benq DW1650 at 8x. SB on/on, WOPC on, OS off.

I’d love to know what you folks think of these scans. Should
I just be happy with them, or should one expect better of T02’s?
These results aren’t much better than I get from TYG02, although
I do notice the PIE’s are about halved when burning on these T02’s
compared to TYG02’s. Still wish those PIF’s were lower, though. :frowning:

Those scans are very good. Not as good as the “top” scans I’ve had with T02, but still very good, at least MCC004 class. :wink:
Of course there’s some variations between batches. But those scans are better than cheap media at least. :slight_smile:

Call me a philistine, but may I ask you how the movies burned to those discs look on your TV/monitor? Notice any difference between those and others you’ve used in the past…or do the scans supercede the viewing quality? :rolleyes:


We are freaks man :stuck_out_tongue: