Not getting top speed with LG GSA-4081b

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently purchased a new LG GSA-4081b which supposedly does up to 8x DVD+R and 4x DVD-r. I use the latest Nero to burn DVDs. But the problem is Nero won’t let me select anything faster than 2x!!!

Do I have a setting wrong or something? I’ve searched the web & these forums for more info. There was a mention of activating DMA or something on one page?

The drive supports Ultra DMA it states. It’s currently setup as primary slave, with an UltraDMA33 cable and HD as primary master. Does that make a difference at all?

Thanks for all your help!!

What media are you using (ie what media code, check with DVDIdentifier or DVDInfoPro)?

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:VDSPMSAB 01]

Disc Type : [DVD-R]
Manufacturer ID : [VDSPMSAB 01]
Disc Application Code : [Unrestricted Use : Consumer Purpose]
Recording Speeds : [1x - 2x - 4x]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4,489.3 MB = 4.38 GB]

[DVD Identifier -]

I tried installing the LG 4040B drivers but doesn’t seem compatible to my LG 4081B OEM. “Can’t Find the Target Drive” is the error message I keep getting.

Is there a site to get OEM drivers? i’ve tried going to the LG main home site.

oops, i mean firware not drivers…

has anyone successfully burn faster than 2X with LG 4081B OEM??

Most likely it’s the media, LG drives often limits the burn speed on bad media. Have you tried some good 4x or 8x certified media?

It’s the media.

VDSPMSAB01 is very low quality media. I suggest trying discs from manufacturers like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden or mitsubishi, they work fine at 4x.

Still had problem burning with TY dvd,… killed 3 TY and one ritek dvds

After installing the dangerous brothers firmware, it solved my problem burning 4x

thx for the tip using TY dvds i bought online as i NEEDED to backup all my cheap cd-r anime files :smiley:

Can anyone tell me where to get this “dangerous brothers” firmware? Never heard of it.


It makes the drive reginfree, but since it’s un-official it also voids the warranty of the drive.

I have a lot of problems with my LG 4081B:

1.- Impossible burn DVD-R at more speed than 2x (I’ve tried with Verbatim, Princo, Intenso…)
2.- DVD burner doesn’t admit DVD+R (only tested with Verbatim Data Life Plus 4x).
3.- DiscInfo program tells me that DVD+R are not admitted with this unit (???).

The unit was purchased with A100 firmware but I upgraded it with A101 (from Dangerous Brothers) and no changes was observed.

My equipment: Pentium IV 2.6 GHz, 256 Mb RAM, HDD 160 Gb (at 40% occupancy), Win XP Pro, Nero

What’s going on? Thank you for your kindly help.

If you read the manual (not being sarcastic) it says on page one;

8x max writing dvd +r

4x max writing dvd -r

2x max writing dvd -rw

4x max writing dvd +rw


& “writing speed depends highly on capabilities of discs.”

so to get 8x writing you really aught to be using quality dvd +r discs rated at 8x speed
A lot of the time your writing software will limit the speed as well depending on what its writing.

This writer is heaven compared to the BTC writer I’ve just got rid of.
Hope this helps

Thanks a lot Pombalouca.

But… what about not recognize any dvd+r? Nero says (more or less): “this unit is not able to write on dvd+r media. Use dvd-r /-rw”

And DVD Identifier informs that in my PC there aren’t any supported DVD writer !!!

Most likely an installation error, try uninstall it from windows and take it out to recheck jumpers, ide cable connections etc.

also if you are not using Windows XP, update your IDE drivers especially if your motherboard uses 3rd party chipset like VIA, SIS etc.

I’d agree with AVPM third party IDE chipsets seem to be a problem for lots of different Writers.

I’d also try using ForceASPI to install the latest Adaptec ASPI layer. My writer was a little temprimental until I did that

Microsoft IDE drivers often work better with optical drives than chipset manufacturer drivers (such as VIA and nVidia nForce).

Adaptec ASPI can cause problems just by being installed. If you don’t need it to use any of your software, don’t install it. If you don’t think you’re using, it, consider removing it. Whilst forcing ASPI 4.60 into Windows XP can help in some circumstances, that isn’t a Windows XP version of ASPI and there has been at least one report of ASPI 4.60 causing problems in Windows XP (I think with a RAID card).

See my second post in this thread and my post at the bottom of the first page of this thread for more details about the problems I had with Adaptec ASPI installed.


Thank you everybody.

With all the things you told me, I’ve installed a new IDE driver from the manufacturer (Abit), and now the LG unit is able to recognize and use DVD+R (at 4x writing speed). The writing speed in DVD-R now has increased from 2x to 4x. The only thing I haven’t be able to fix (but is a minor problem due to the system works fine) is the admiration mark in IDE primary channel in Control pannel - System (where are connected the 2 HDDs). The system informs they are connected with SCSI interface… but my HDDs are not SCSI (¿?).

Ok, if you have an answer for it, I would thank you very much, but it is not a serious problem for me and I don’t want abuse of the great help you’ve given to me.


Sometimes IDE drivers other than Microsoft IDE drivers land up with Windows thinking the equipment running off those drivers is SCSI.

Ignore it - it’s only a cosmetic problem. If your system works OK, that’s the main thing!

Best wishes,


I have the same “problems”.

On it’s present A106 firmware windows Auto-Reset and RPC1.
The exe file it’s exact size… what’s the difference between this two firmware ?