Not getting past the blue dots chasing each other

Hi all, I have searched through " not starting threads" but not found anything similar to my problem so here we go.
I have XP pro
on a AMD 1.8 mhz
1 gig ram.
A new harddrive
150 gig about half full.
when starting properly it takes about 55 seconds.
I have a ADSL Netgear firewall routerDG834 v2
Zone alarm pro V7.0.47 set to fullest settings
Don’t usually have anti virus software running. (slows computer down.)
Although sometimes run spydoctor but never found anything suspicious.(always disable it after use
I always switch off the power to the computer and router when not using it.
Many “experts” tell me I should leave it on all day.
I turn the computer on about 20 times a day on average and have always done so.
Programfiles/startup is empty.
Sometimes when Switch on the computer 1st thing in the morning it starts up normally until it gets to the Windows Logo screen with the blue dots moving along and just sits there sometimes i have left it up to an hour and still wont go past that point. I then press the restart button and it will always then start up and complete normally.
Thankyou for taking the time to read this.
regards from Eliza.

You might want to consider using the ‘suspend’ feature of the MB and OS. Your system might not support S3 (more advanced suspend state) but even S1 would be good. You can google and learn about the suspend sleep state. It will allow you to boot up in almost instantly and when its in the suspend state is will only use 2 or 3 watts of power.

Your problem is probably a driver or software issue. I would try and download the latest version of ZoneAlarm and then uninstall the old version to do a fresh install.

I have experienced a similar problem
[U]my[/U] solution has been to go into bios and check to see if the hard drive is the 1st or 2nd device to boot from
I believe with older computers you should have the floppy drive listed as the 1st device,even if you don’t have one
I’m not sure if it’s only an XP home or pro problem :confused:

if anybody can clarify that,please post up:cool:

I wish to thankyou
eric93se and dave.evill.
I will try your suggestions and get back to you with the results.
and Eric I am loathe to leave the computer on, even in 'suspend’
mode. We have a lot of power problems here ( New Zealand)
Our local area is at the end of the main power grid and alot of electrical stuf ,Fridges, microwaves , freezers, stereos etc, have been destroyed with power surges, not to mention lightning strikes. I am in the process of setting up solar panels and batteries to use for the computer plus going satellite wireless.
and they say K.I.S.S.
regards from,

At the very least you should then put a surge suppressor for the PC. The brand Tripp-lite is very good. Newegg link with tripplite examples

An even better solution would be to get a UPS (un-interuptable power supply), even a $50US model would be sufficient for your PC.

Good morning Eric,
Thankyou for your suggestions.
I do appreciate your help.
Many of us including me, would be lost without people such as yourself to guide us.
I always feel that putting on a surge protector is like the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff syndrome. So will continue to unplug from the power.
I am still checking the original problem I described and in doing so have discovered my floppy disk drive is stuffed. It is corrupting or damaging floppy disks making them unreadable and cannot format them after they have been in the drive.
Will have to get a new one because I have started to use it again to transfer .mid files to my Roland E500.
PS just had another thought about my original problem.
It never seems to happen when the temperature is warmer.
and it does sometimes happen more often through the winter (colder) months.

Replace the Power supply with a good one. With all that turning on and off everyday it is probably wore out.

A bad or going bad PSU can cause this exact problem.

thankyou bean55

Try unplugging your floppy drive, the IDE cable.

[QUOTE=eric93se;2468547]Try unplugging your floppy drive, the IDE cable.[/QUOTE]
thanks Eric.
I checked the bios and found HD-0 was first then CDrom and last was Floppy disk.
Have changed it to Floppy disk first then HD-0 then CDrom.

I was talking to a radio experimenter yesterday and when I told him the problem with starting the computer and that it might be only in cold times He said "AH you might have a dry joint somewhere."
If that is the case I think maybe its time to get a new computer.

I am giving theold floppy drive to someone who makes ‘crank LED torches’ and he told me the motors are stepper motors and make a good little generators.

Try replacing the PSU like Bean was suggesting. Here’s a good deal: Antec PSU/Basiq Power 350W ATX 12v £28.22 inc vat

thanks Eric.

I had a similar case some time ago. I opened up the machine and cleaned it although it was not particularly dirty.
I then unplugged and pushed back home firmly all the cables within the box I also took out the memory and cleaned the contacts first with an erasure then some alcohol carefully replacing them in the machine.
If you are not confident in doing this yourself get a tech savvy friend to do it for you. It worked for me, takes about 10 minutes and may solve the problem at no cost. Good luck but what ever you do let us know how it turns out.

Thankyou Weedougie,this is the latest update of this bl#$%@ computer.
I put in a new floppy drive.then started to format a floppy.It got about half way through and then the computer locked up.I pressed the restart button and it started and got to the moving blue dots. then a black screen and then went back to restart…I tried several things and it behaved exactly the same. getting to the moving blue dots, black screen and then restarting I changed (in bios) starting CD first and put in the master XP CD (I thought I might try to do a XP repair) and it then stopped on the screen where you are to start from CD I pressed enter and it just ignored that and went on to blue dots (WIN logo) then back to restart.
I replaced the Power supply with the one from my main computer, Still the same.

Tested the original power supply from this computer (a 400 watt) and all tested OK.Took off the 80gig harddrive( 4months old) and put it on main computer as a slave and did a check.
It can up with a cycling redundacy error(whatever that means) .I then checked the harddrive thoroughly and auto fixed errors and defragged it. It was a mess.

Then backed the whole hard-drive into a external sata harddrive.Put the harddrive back on this computer and all is working very smoothly now. The Floppy drive is formatting normally and the computer is quicker starting (about 37 seconds.)
The slowest part of starting is loading in Zone alarm which it does second to last. Last is the Linksys drivers for the pci wireless card.Crossing my fingers and toes, the computer is now going well.
I have one more test to do.

Tonight just before I go to bed I will disconnect the case and seal it up in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge overnight to see if the cold has any detremental affect on it.I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my threads and offer helpful suggestions.
I hope I can do the same for someone on the forum in the near future.regards from Eliza.

So basically you have HDD corruption. The best thing to do is get a new HDD and start fresh, the current one is on its way out.