Not getting any audio with video

I am trying to rip a DVD to my hard drive and I have tried it using main movie, full disc, generic, psp, custom, I can’t seem to get any audio whatsoever. if someone could either give me a step by step or an answer to this issue, I would really appreciate it. Thank you

Does the movie play with audio when playing on your computer from the DVD?

Are you using the same program to play the movie from the hard drive folder that you use when playing from the DVD?

What operating system are you using?

What type of audio system do you have (digital to an amp or analog direct to speakers?)

the movie plays the audio on my computer from the DVD

I am using the same program to play both the DVD and from the hard drive

I am using windows Vista Home Premium

I have the speakers on my laptop as my audio system

My first inclination is that it is Vista. There is a problem in the directshow filters in DX10. This could explain the generic, psp, custom rips, what audio settings did you use? Try mp3 and use graphedit (google search for Vista Graphedit) to see if the decoders and filters are connected correctly.
You could also try “media player classic” (google search) to see if it will play the movies.
I am perplexed as to why “full disk” or “main movie” would not work. There should be zero difference. Have you tried burning the rip to a DVD-R and playing from there?

I am having the same issue, with a twist. The twist is that I have .avi files that I ripped using DVDFab Plat on a WinXP machine, that played fine (both audio & video) on that WinXP machine, but those same .avi files now have no audio when played on my new WinVis machine.

Vista problem.

Install ffdshow & Haali Media Splitter (google search for latest versions and downloads.)


[B]That did it…thanks alot![/B]