Not Getting All My Channels For Ariza 700

I’m fairly new with the whole Free-To-Air deal, but I’ve got my Ariza700 reciever up and working. The only problem now is that I only get some of my channels. :sad: Such as, I do not get all of the PPV’s only 3 or 4, or all the sports channels such as NHL Center Ice and The English Premier League. If anybody could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :bow:

FTA and PPV? WTH???

Thats what I said… is there something wrong with the keys ive been putting in… It sort of loses its flare if you dont get all the channels you’ve been promised.

What keys? From whom??

The only way I’m aware of to pick up pay-per-view on a “free-to-air” receiver is with unofficial firmware that decodes Pay TV channels without an official subscription. However, this is out of scope of this forum’s policy. :disagree:

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